Meet The Students

Hello! I'm Andrew Sipich. I'm from Petaluma, CA. 
I play Challenger Little League and I'm really good at swinging the bat with my left hand.I love playing and working on my iPad, and hanging out with my friends. What I love about SYU (Schoolyard Unlimited) is working with my cool coworkers and working on the laser cutter. I'm responsible for customer service. I help people if they have any issues with our products.
Hi, my name is Christel Tabor and I go by Joy. Also, I'm 21  years old  and I am from Santa Rosa, California. I make 3D earrings, bracelets on the 3D printer and on the laser cutter I do key chains and bookmarks. I enjoy working at SYU It's very creative since I do a lot of great drawings. I did take some art classes at Santa  Rosa High School. 
I am. Ken Marks. I am new to the SCOE Transition Program. I live somewhere on Earth, though you don't need to know where. I love anime, like a lot. My favorite anime is "Gurren Lagann" and I am always taking recommendations for anime . . . and product. We always do custom builds and product. I look forward to working with you. Now, please, read someone else's bio.
Hi, my name is J.C. I am 18 years old. I live in Sonoma County. I went to Montgomery High School. I am in a wheel chair. I can speak , so I use my voice to communicate. I am a fan of Paul Walker and the movies he is in. My favorite color is red. I look forward to learning and using the production machines, especially the laser cutter.