Meet The Students

My name is Graeme Cooper. I am into computers, automobiles of all kinds, and rock music. I am from Sebastopol, California, USA. At SYU, I create designs on the computer to be cut using the laser cutter, or to be printed using the 3D printer. I like working at SYU because I get to do something I like doing; namely, working with technology.
Hello, I’m name is Seth Tanny. I’m from Penngrove. I’m friendly. I enjoy playing video games. My favorite movie is Dumbo. I help my class. I made bookmarks with 3D printer. I made a wood pug clock. I like SYU because I make awesome things.

Hello! I'm Andrew Sipich. I'm from Petaluma, CA. 
I play Challenger Little League and I'm really good at swinging the bat with my left hand.
I love playing and working on my iPad, and hanging out with my friends. What I love about SYU (Schoolyard Unlimited) is working with my cool coworkers and working on the laser cutter. 
I'm responsible for customer service. I help people if they have any issues with our products.
Hi. My name is Madison. I like to dance and play music. I am very creative. Some things we make at SYU are keychains, T shirts and cool items with the 3D printer. I like making keychains and working with the machines. 
I really enjoy working at SYU.

Hi. My name is Lupe and I am 19 years old. This is my first year in the SCOE program. I like taking a walk when it is sunny, and I like to do some art and listen to some music. I was born in Santa Rosa, California. The interesting thing about me is that I am a good student in the SCOE program. The things I do in SYU are: I make some keychains, holiday earrings, stickers, and sometimes I like to check the emails and put items up on the website. I also put some stickers onto a water bottles that we sold to a teacher. The thing I like about working at SYU is that it's fun and the teacher loves the work that I do and says that I am a good worker in her class for my first year in the SCOE program.
My name is Amanda. I am from Sebastopol. I like to sing and dance. I like to hang out with my friends. I work on the website, create stickers, and help make keychains. It's fun and I make cool stuff.

Hello, all! My name is Alex Welliver and I live in wine country of Healdsburg California USA. I’m 20 years old. We enjoy living out in the country.

My favorite hobbies are doing basketball, swimming, and bowling plus taking walks and also hanging out with some amazing friends.

I like doing some laser cutting on keychains that I make all by myself, and also send emails to teachers and other staff.

It feels like it’s easier than working. Why? Because I get do some stuff that I haven’t ever done before in my lifetime.

My name is Estefania Cervantes Gomez. I am from Petaluma, CA. I like to do makeup. I also like to listen to music and sing. In SYU I make stickers, keychains and we put stickers on t-shirts. I like SYU because it is an easy job. I also get to hang out with friends.
Hi, my name is Christel Tabor and I go by Joy. Also, I'm 21  years old  and I am from Santa Rosa, California. I make 3D earrings, bracelets on the 3D printer and on the laser cutter I do key chains and bookmarks. I enjoy working at SYU It's very creative since I do a lot of great drawings. I did take some art classes at Santa  Rosa High School.